The DevOps platform for the next generation of software.

Code. Build. Test


Arsenal improves development workflows, decreases TTM and breaks down the Ops silos from Design to Deployment all within one application.

Targeting the problem

Quality control in software development is a costly threat to any project. In 2018, low quality builds cost US enterprises approximately $2.8 trillion during development. An analytical breakdown of production flow identifies three targeted areas in DevOps that call for an immediate solution.


An excess of individualized products cause compatibility


End-to-end solutions are scarce, leaving automated code quality and security analyses out of the deployment pipeline.


The application or feature is coded and built according to the company’s standards..

Building the solution

Competitive enterprises thrive on speed and efficiency in the software industry. That’s why we built OMNI Arsenal, a single DevOps ecosystem designed to accelerate development, prioritize security, and lower the total cost of production.


Developers collaborate to gather information about how the application or features should look, feel and function.


The code is released to the market using a virtual, cloud computing or container infrastructure and then continuously integrated to meet future needs.


The overall system architecture is designed by defining functionality of each module as well as their interaction.


Code is tested to make sure it is free of known software bugs, meets security compliance standards and correctly interfaces with other software interfaces and infrastructure.


The application or feature is coded and built according to the company’s standards.

OMNI Arsenal provides the strategies, tools, and data to continuously improve performance.

Smart Handoffs

Built-in operational requirements help companies realize stronger outcomes.

Frequent Deployments

Built-in operational requirements help companies realize stronger outcomes.

Insights & Predictive Analysis

Built-in operational requirements help companies realize stronger outcomes.

Fueling the Market

The DevOps market is moving fast. With a 20% CAGR, the market is projected to hit the $17 billion mark by 2026. As market value increases we see competition in the industry boiling down to two factors, quality and time to market (TTM). Software testing and automation tools offer a sharp competitive edge in software development by directly increasing the value of quality and TTM. OMNI Arsenal takes this competitive edge a step further by offering a complete toolkit, automation capabilities, and data analytics to continuously improve the quality and TTM of new software products. By design, Arsenal contributes directly to the market's exponential growth.

5-Year Projections

No. of Licensed Users

5-Year Projection (Values in 000’s)

Our Go To Market Strategy:

End-Users, Enterprises & Contract Vehicles

Target Audience & Channels

We will build great content that educates and highlight our product’s features for C-Suite Exces, Managers, End-Users, Developers, Developers, Cybersecurity Engineers, System Engineers, System Integrators & Sustainers.

The DevOps Market:

A $4 billion Market growing 20% Annually

The Devops market is expected to grow 300% by 2026 with revenues exceeding $17 billion

  • The DevOps Market size exceeded USD 4 billion in 2019 and is poised to grow at over 20% CAGR between 202 and 2026
  • Rising industry competition has pressurized enterprises in cutting down time to market (TTM) for new software launches, ensuring smooth deployment of future patches.
  • This has led to a rapid surge in the market demand for testing and automation tools.

Our Product Roadmap:

Enabling Smarter Enterprises

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Jay Roy
Founder and CEO

Jay’s 20+ years of leadership and technical experience in IT spans across commercial and government contracting. Today, he leads the principal technical investments for cutting-edge technologies in commercial industries and government military operations.

As the founder of OMNI Arsenal, Jay has diversified the company’s portfolio to include product development in the venture’s first of many innovations. OMNI Arsenal is a patent pending DevSecOps cloud platform for designing, developing and deploying applications and infrastructures to cloud operations.

Jay is a serial entrepreneur, managing all major aspects of business decisions for large and small firms. He is a skilled problem solver with extensive experience in assessing, planning and resourcing projects within a diverse range of clients and requirements.

Asafu Thomas

For over 15 years, Asafu has led software development projects in a multitude of industries. He started his technical career building custom CRM solutions for Insurance and Financial Services firms. His drive and commitment to success propelled his company, Datawerx, to a strong revenue performance and its eventual exit in 2018.

Asafu is passionate about the entrepreneurial journey, particularly where it intersects with technology. He assists early-stage companies in developing and delivering innovative solutions. His belief in building people first is a critical asset to teams and founders with clear visions, strong business acumen, and an unwavering passion for the companies and technology they build.


York Eggleston
Founder and Managing Partner, YE Ventures, LLC

Mr. Eggleston is an inventor, entrepreneur, financier with marketing and operational experience who has delivered value during multiple stages of a company’s lfe cycle, for both mature and start-up businesses. He has used his unique set of skills and formal training to develop or co-develop, build and exit technology and IP licensing businesses over the last 30 years. Also, he has sucessfully invested in companies across asset classes and stages.

YE Ventures’ founder has focused on commercializing and monetizing innovative technology for more than 30 years. From his first technology for more than 30 years. From his first technology start-up while at Harvard College, to his most recent ventures in artificail intelligence and IP licencing, Mr. Eggleston has expanded what we thought was technically possible and has brought it to market to improve the quality of our lives and work.

Ed Fish
Co-founder and Managing Director Tech+IP

Ed creates tangible value from intangible assets. As a seasoned investment banker, business executive, intellectual property expert and entrepreneur/inventor, Ed formerly was co head of Houlihan Lokey’s Tech+IP Group, ran instamt messaging (AIM and ICQ) at AOL, been named an EMMY Finalist for Interactive TV, and structured, negotiated and executed complex IP-based transactions as a business development executive and attorney, including at DRM pioneer InterTrust and international law firm Weil Gotshal, and served as a law clerk to Chief Judge Howard T. Markey on the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Ed is a named investor on over 33 issued and pending US patents in areas like instant Messaging, Location Servcies, Search, Education Technology and Gaming.